A centralized counting system for storing, processing and analyzing the flow data of people and cars on roads traffic for statistical purposes.

The solution for the product is designed for use in direct integration with cameras from MOBOTIX AG manufacturer, which are implemented with complex video processing algorithms: MxActivitySensor module with intelligent 3D motion detection and MxAnalytics support, which can track and determine direction of movement of objects (entering/exiting), the idle time and even the speed of movement. Any event is recorded, counted and collected hourly. By using the System Report generator - you can prepare and extract statistics reports about flow of objects and tracking thereof, every day hourly or weekly, monthly, yearly or for specific periods in different summaries. Creating a report lets you select the information you're interested in using different data selection filters. In addition, you can display data in a graphic (chart) form, as well as export data to different formats such as XLS, XLSX and CSV.


To see DEMO version mcsp.albi.lv
Credentials: user ''demo@demo'' and password ''z6TfBv00''

There is approximately 8 Billions counted flow data since 2016


Trade and public service providers often ask different and important questions: 

• How many potential customers are visiting your shop?

• Which retail sections or specific stands-shelves have interested customers on certain days and hours?

• How many of these prospective customers make purchases? (It is technically possible to connect counting cameras to the cash register or other payment system in order to keep a record of specific purchase events and also surveillance video recordings);

• Which outlets, storage compartments or payment sites of the supermarket or its subcontractors, companies and/or public building floors and specific premise groups and the premises or cabinets provided by the airport and the hospital etc., are most visited during certain periods of time?

• Which parts of the road traffic lines are the most heavily congested? 

• Where are the largest vehicle or pedestrian flows presented in urban street sections or districts?


When preparing the necessary statistical reports from the object counting data in the MCSP, you can:

• Analyze customer flow and shopping trends;

• Evaluate the return on advertising and marketing activities;

• Identify the weather impact on consumer growth or decrease in the sales process;

• Improve staff planning more effectively and identify the most optimal working times;

• Identify critical pressures of urban street sections and improve the flow of road traffic.


This solution helps finding the necessary answers to the aforementioned questions and is based on the statistical indicators. 

Data graph chart

Display data in a graphic form

Data storage

Secure and efficient data storage

Data analytics and export

Export data to XLS and CSV

Customization options

Customized LOGO and subdomain feature

Multi-camera support

Easy setup and configuration

Mobile access

Responsive design for mobile devices


Data collecting 

Data showing in graphs (diagram) form

Export in XLS and CSV

Individual logo adding 

Individual subdomain registration



Multi-level access

Heatmap data
Live camera

Weather data


Camera configuration and advanced setups based on 5+ Years experience

Support based on powerfull know-how and on extensive knowledge base


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License for 1 camera
Hosting on data server

Data collecting 
Data showing in graphs (diagram) form
Export in XLS and CSV
Individual logo adding
Individual subdomain registration

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